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Ogden's Religious Architecture

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Welcome to the culmination of a year-long project highlighting prominent and historically important religious architecture in downtown Ogden, Utah. 

Goals of the Project

  • Highlight religious diversity

  • Expand knowledge of history, architecture, architects, artists

  • Create and show connections within our community 

  • Encourage public support to help individual organizations with their preservation projects

About this Project

During the 2021-22 winter holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas), WCHF's president Kate Stewart suggested to local photographer Deniane Kartchner that taking photos of historic churches might make some fun and informative social media posts. Kartchner loved the idea and went with it, visiting and photographing eight Ogden religious buildings (seven Christian churches and a Jewish synagogue) from November to February. 

The posts were well-received, and we recognized an opportunity to share more photos and details/history with our members and with the public. 


  • At the end of March, Kartchner shared a "Lunch and Learn" presentation with a large crowd at the Golden Hours Senior Center focusing on general history. A timeline created for this presentation shows the diversity of religious representation in Ogden and is available here. ​

  • In April, the project was featured at Preservation Utah's annual conference. 

  • In September, the Foundation determined that our Annual Historic Architecture Tour would feature these same locations. The tour was highly successful in the form of connections, building care and upkeep, and a renewed sense of community. 

Enjoy the Fruits of Our Labors


We knew when the project came to a close, we would want a permanent space to pull together and host the history we've gathered. We are grateful to Weber County R.A.M.P. for the funds needed to create this space on our website. We especially appreciate photographers Deniane and Mattie Kartchner for bringing this project to life with their beautiful photos, which they willingly allowed us to share. 


Follow the links to see the photo galleries and/or other documents. Each organization's home page is also linked as well. Ongoing connections with these organizations help them remain a vital part of our vibrant community!

photography by Deniane & Mattie Kartchner


Copy of wchf-ogden-good-shepherd-deniane-kartchnerKA1_3054.jpg

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

Grant Ave. 


First Baptist of Ogden

2519 Jefferson Ave.


New Zion Baptist

2935 Lincoln Ave.


St. Joseph's Catholic Church

514 24th Street


Ogden Fourth Ward

2115 Jefferson Ave.


Elim Lutheran

575 23rd Street


Brith Sholem Synagogue

2750 Grant Ave.


Ogden Christian Church

 580 23rd Street


Poster presented at Preservation Utah's annual conference April 2022. 

Map of buildings included in Ogden's Religious Architecture Tour, September 2022.

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