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2115 Jefferson Avenue

Ogden Fourth Ward

The Ogden Fourth Ward building, 2021. (Deniane Kartchner photo)


The first "real" meetinghouse for the Ogden Fourth Ward was located on the west side of Madison Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets. It was dedicated on July 28, 1889 and torn down in 1929.  The photo below is of the 1929 Sunday School in front of the building. 

Early History


The current building was built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1929. Christmas services were held that year in the gymnasium, the only room finished at the time. Due to the onset of the Depression, other rooms in the building were finished one by one through donations of material and labor from congregation members as well as others member of the Ogden community. The building was finished and dedicated n 1937, debt-free.  The site itself was donated by A. L. Brewer who owned the corner. 

End History

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

From money stashes to hidden organ pipes, to old fireplaces and furniture and original stained-glass windows, the Fourth Ward building has a little of everything.



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