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Devil's Gate - Weber Hydroelectric Power Plant

Intersection of I-84 and US 89

Welcome to our tour of the Devil's Gate - Weber Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District as it appears in fall/winter of 2022. With improvements and the removal of several outbuildings on the horizon in 2023, the photos are video are extremely important in preserving a visual history of the area. We're grateful to Pacificorp for commissioning the project! 

Devil's Gate

Devil's Gate is a gap in the mountainside east of Ogden, Utah, through which flows the Weber River (not to be confused with Devil's Gate in Wyoming or Devils Slide farther down Weber Canyon).  The narrow, rocky canyon is beautiful but posed great problems for early travelers - in 1847, Devil's Gate was such an obstacle that the Mormon Pioneers decided to enter the Salt Lake Valley through Emigration Canyon instead.

Today, this maze of roads, rails, and the river continue to make Devil's Gate an extremely important part of Weber County History!