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514 24th Street

St. Joseph's

Deniane Kartchner-WCHF-St.Josephs-AMK_2982.jpg
The sanctuary at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Ogden, Utah. (Deniane Kartchner photo)
Early History

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church was dedicated in 1902.  The Rt. Rev. Patrick M. Cushnahan, a loved and respected leader, was a force in the construction of the building and the development of the diocese.  The building is English Gothic, designed by local architect Francis C. Woods.  Its exterior is buff and salmon sandstone.  The interior is enhanced by an elaborately hand carved altar that reportedly took 50-60 men to assemble.  Another outstanding feature of the building are the numerous beautiful stained glass windows.


The first church building was a small, plain wooden structure completed and open for services on Easter Sunday 1877.


The current building was completed and dedicated in 1902. 

"We welcome you to our parish ...Your presence among us will definitely contribute to St. Joseph's faithful 100-year history by building on the faith of those who came before us...and to the future of St. Joseph's by paving the way for the next 100 years."

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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