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Our roots are deep
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Weber County has played an amazing role in world history!  We invite you to join the continued adventure as we work to preserve and celebrate our shared heritage.

Weber County Heritage Foundation began in 1978 in Ogden, Utah, when Peery's Egyptian Theatre was facing the wrecking ball.  One of our early members actually mortgaged her house to save the theatre! 

Get an inside look at historic homes as gracious owners invite us in during our annual home tour. Recognize your historic home with a WCHF home sign.
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in-person events

PHOTO GALLERY Riverdale Walking Tour April 25, 2022


PHOTO GALLERY Golden Hours Lunch & Learn Presentation March 30, 2022

Downtown Ogden | Electric Alley

PHOTO GALLERY Ogden's Untamed Women Walking Tour March 27, 2022

Irish in Ogden

PHOTO GALLERY The Irish of Ogden Walking Tour March 17, 2022

2021 Home Tour

PHOTO GALLERY Home Tour September 23, 2021

Aultorest Cemetery

PHOTO GALLERY Spirit of Ogden Cemetery Tour October 23, 2021

Ogden Eccles Mansion

PHOTO GALLERY Mysterious & Morbid Tour October 28, 2021

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