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I Can't Find That Ogden Street Name

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Early Street Names

Before 1889, the names of the streets in Ogden were different, which can be a little (or a lot!) confusing when researching early homes or businesses. Here's a superpower key to deciphering the code:

North/South Streets

Wall Avenue - Wall was named for the wall of the city fort along that street. (Name has stayed the same.)

Lincoln Avenue - Franklin Street (after Franklin D. Richards, a church and community leader)

Grant Avenue - Young Street (after Brigham Young, Mormon Church leader)

Washington Boulevard - Main Street

Adams Avenue - Spring Street (because of a number of springs along the brow of the hill)

Jefferson Avenue - Smith Street

Madison Avenue - Pearl Street

Green Street -

East Street -

Do you notice a similarity in the changes? They were all changed to bear the name of a U.S. president. Do you know why? *Answer below.

East-West streets were numbered 1st through 10th Street. The first number is what they are now!

East/West Streets

21st-First Street

22nd-Second Street

23rd-Third Street

24th-Fourth Street

25th-Fifth Street

26th-Sixth Street

27th-Seventh Street

28th-Eighth Street

29th-Ninth Street

30th-Tenth Street

Your relatives may have attended church at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd at 24th and Grant, but it used to be Fourth and Young Street. Same building.

*Answer: In 1889, when the non-Mormon Liberal Party won the election, one of the first actions they took was to change the names of the streets!

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